A plane tried to make a landing at the Monticello Motor Club on Tuesday, but it crashed due to equipment problems.

The single engine plane was trying to make a landing at the private car racing club when it skidded off the runway and got pretty banged up. According to the Times Herald Record, the pilot was not local, but the Motor Club was his destination.

Investigators said the plane, a CIRRUS SR22, left Norwood, Massachusetts, at approximately 7:10 a.m. headed to the motor club. The preliminary investigation indicates that the 56-year-old pilot had trouble with the landing gear.

All three people in the plane were able to walk away from the wreck and the crash is being investigated.

I have written about the Monticello Motor Club before. It is a high end private race track where you can take your sports car out for a ride on this really cool track. Of course this is not a cheap ride and it's rumored to have some well heeled celebs as members of the club. Rumor is that Jerry Seinfeld runs his Porsche on the Sullivan County track.

The Monticello Motor Club website says that the track is 4.1 miles and features 22 turns and 450 feet of elevation changes. The club offers all kinds of benefits to members and with a new karting track, the family can get behind the wheel and have some fun.

It is a luxury family destination with an array of services and amenities, such as professional instruction, track-side support, premium car storage, race car rentals, a complete karting facility, an expansive off-road course, private race schools for novice to experienced track enthusiasts, corporate entertainment, fine dining, and five-star services.

I have heard that you can sometimes pay to take a ride on the track, even if you're not a member. Contact the Monticello Motor Club with any questions you might have. I am thankful that the plane crash had no injuries. Now let's go for a ride!