It's not been the hottest summer on record, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying my share of ice cream and frozen yogurt. One of the valley's most popular Fro Yo shop's is sporting a weird advertisement.

photo via Facebook

My daughters and I were kinda depressed that summer is ending, so we decided to drown our sorrows with some frozen yogurt from Hoopla on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie. The day was warm and sunny, so we were sitting at the tables that are provided by the plaza. Sprinkles are free at Hoopla and we all had an extra helping in an effort to literally sugarcoat the inevitable return to school and work after summer vacation.

My daughters have a keen eye for the quirky and ironic little things that happen around us all the time. I guess they get some of that from their Dad and it gives me a sense of pride when they come out with a funny observation. My 10 year old was slurping down that last bit of her fro yo when she laughed and said: "Look at the sign!" I am sure Hoopla has a good explanation for this.

S. Bolger

"Fresh Baked Bottoms?"  What is going on in there?

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