Ian Hitchcock, Getty Images

I have many cliches for todays solar eclipse but not matter what you call it…it's pretty cool stuff. I don't really follow the stars and sun and moon and all that good stuff but that fact that this thing is pulling me into it's gravitational pull is pretty strange. I mean the eclipse has to be reason why Im acting like such a weirdo today…right? Im totally normal all the other days of the year after all! I think the most interesting part of today's eclipse is that it's not a "total eclipse"..(of the heart)…but rather a partial eclipse…what "they" (science people) call an annular eclipse. I won't get into all the science mumbo jumbo but it looks like a ring of fire…which is pretty awesome. Sad news…only penguins and dingos will see it as it will only be visible in areas in Antarctica and Australia. You can check out some awesome photo's and all the science stuff click here….or of course you can jump on a plane real quick and join the penguins!