We haven't had new music from Rise Against since 2011's Endgame. Well that's about to change when they drop a new single this week! WRRV gets their hands on "I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore" on Tuesday, it'll also be available for digital download at that point.

You can expect the band's 7th studio album "The Black Market" to drop on July 15th.

The Black Market focuses on the cost of self-awareness. “Rise Against has always been a political band, but also a personal band,” says Tim. “We’ve always had songs that have a foot in both worlds. This album is a lot more introspective to me.” The intensely melodic strains of the first single: “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” is a case in point - riding a huge chorus and speaking of universal themes of entrapment and escape.

Check out Tim playing "Swing Life Away" at a train station of all places.