Happy Independence Day! Now let's celebrate!! Here are 4 tips to ensure your fourth is a great one!

1) Don't burn the kids hands off!I saw this handy invention on facebook a few months ago and thought it was genius! And not just for kids of course...adult sizes also available



2) Keep cool! What's a party without ice, a dry party that's what. I'm a strong advocate of adult beverages and cold one's at that. You'll even notice I have two ice related tips today...it's because the only good beverage is a COLD BEVERAGE. So watch this awesome video on how to make instant ice, that's right! INSTANT ICE!

3) Don't run out of water! So this tip can be two fold...obviously it's going to be hot so you'll want to stay hydrated (adult beverages are preferred but they don't technically hydrate!) BUT really the water i am referring to running out of is your in your well. Now I know not everyone is on a well but for those who are DON'T LEARN THIS THE HARD WAY! I did, darn kids slip and slide, sprinkler thing drain me a few 4ths back and of course there nothing like not being able to flush to kill a party. Soooo...make sure you're paying attention to your water levels and ensure they can support 18 hours of slip n' side/sprinkler thing action!

ChinaFotoPress / StringerGetty Images

4) Save a cooler, use a 12-Pack! Ok so here's my 2nd tip on ice/keeping your adult beverages cool. Who needs to go out and buy a fancy, expensive cooler? Not this gal! Take a 12 pack, open her up and insert ice. BAM, INSTANT COOLER. You're welcome!

Coors Light, Taste the Rockies!


There ya have it! Sarah's 4 tips to ensure a fantastic 4th. Also, dont forget to check out our interactive map for all the location fireworks displays, parades and other exciting events! Now get out there and have a great time!