There is research suggesting that taking a nap during the work day has great benefits. This could mean increased worker productivity across the Hudson Valley. I propose mandatory nap-time for business' in the area. You can turn into my afternoon show and doze off like most people do anyways. Here's a few things you'll need to know when you start taking naps under your desk at the office:

  • A 10-20 minute power nap is best for a mid-day refresher. Since it's a quick nap, you'll have no trouble getting right back to work when you wake up.
  • A 30 minute nap might be just what the doctor ordered after deciding to stay 4 hours past that happy hour you told yourself you were going to leave on time. But you can expect up to 30 minutes of grogginess when you wake up so have a cup of Joe ready to go.
  • A 90 minute nap is enough to sleep through a full cycle. This type of nap is good if you just plain forgot to go to bed last night. A 90 minute nap will lead to increased creativity and memory.

So go ahead Hudson Valley, NAP!