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Mountain Jam College Ambassador Program
Are you a college student looking to get reduced or free tickets to Mountain Jam? If yes, you might want to check out the Mountain Jam College Ambassador Program.
What Was It Like To Walk Out On The Old Poughkeepsie Rail Bridge?
The Walkway Over The Hudson is a Hudson Valley treasure. But it wasn't always a sure thing that it would even be refurbished in the first place. Many men and women have had a hand in making happen, but few have shown the passion for it that Fred Schaeffer has.
Driver Parks On Top Of Poughkeepsie Sign
One Hudson Valley driver either decided to park on top of the sign, or slippery conditions were to blame for the crushed signage out front of Poughkeepsie's Crooked Rooster restaurant Friday.
Deep Thoughts From The WRRV Text Line
We're always getting interesting messages to the WRRV text line. We thought we'd peel back the curtain a little bit and give you a look at some of the deep thoughts you guys share with us.
Colin Quinn In Poughkeepsie
His television and movie career includes roles on Saturday Nightly Live, MTV's Remote Control and A Night at the Roxbury, Colin Quinn will take the stage in Poughkeepsie this March.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure To Be Shown On Bannerman
Movie screenings on Bannerman Island were a runaway success last summer and they're set to continue in the summer of 2018. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure will be the very first movie will be shown on Saturday, June 9th from 7-10pm.
New Scam Targeting Netflix Users
If you're a current Netflix subscriber and want to keep binging on the second season of Stranger Things, there's another scam going around targeting your account.