With the snow that the Hudson Valley has gotten this winter, along with the snow banks that are visible everywhere you go. One might not think that "Spring" will ever get here. However. Here are the signs:

What are your signs that Spring is on its way?

  1. Valentines Day, February 14th
  2. The NY Mets Pitchers & Catchers report, February 19
  3. Yankees, Pitchers & Catchers report, February 20
  4. The time change. We are going to "Spring" ahead on Sunday March 8.
  5. The First Day of Spring, Official, March 20, 2015.
  6. First Official Mets game of the 2015 season, April 4 on the road
  7. First Official Yankee game( & Home Opener) of the 2015 season, April 6 1:05pm vs the Toronto Blue Jays
  8. Mets Home Opener April 13th 1pm vs the Phillies
  9. The day we can put the snow shovels away? May 1st.