In 2013 We Googled
A nice list in video form of what we searched for this year in Google. Of course they couldn’t put in everything, that would be far too long of a video, but this is a nice sum of it all. Did they miss anything? Probably, but it’s pretty good for under 2 minutes. Oh and […]
Top albums of 2013
As we approach 2014, it’s time to take a look at some of the years top releases. I’ve compiled a list of the top albums of 2013. Agree or disagree? Post your top 5 in the comments section. Simon’s Top Albums of 2013 5. The Neighbourhood – I Love You 4. Lorde – Pure…
Top “Shazamed” Songs of 2013
Everyone is coming up with lists upon lists on top this and that for the end of the year. Remember it is December already. This list here has to deal with one of the best apps out there as far as I’m concerned, Shazam. If you don’t know a song, pull out the smartphone and […]