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Your Black Friday Deals Hub
Because Black Friday has seeped into the entirety of the week of Thanksgiving, there's plenty of opportunity to get your hands on discounted goods right now.
Black Friday Death Count; Who’s Keeping Track?
There is a place that tracks how many people have died during “Black Friday” Shopping.  Has “Black Friday” Shopping gotten to be more safe? Or do we just expect something bad to happen when hoards of people lineup in mass to get the joy of buying a tv at a crazy low …
Top 10 Best Stores For Black Friday Deals
In case you’re wondering where to go to get the best Black Friday deals, we’ve got the top 10 for you right here. The National Retail Federation predicts that more than 615 billion dollars will be spent at retail this holiday season. The folks over at WalletHub surveyed 5,525 deals fro…
New York Mall To Fine Stores For Not Opening On Thanksgiving
The madness has to stop. It’s bad enough people get up at 2am to go shopping on “Black Friday”. Now retailers are pushing people to shop on Thanksgiving itself. An upstate mall just outside of Buffalo, is buying into holiday shopping hype. reports the Walden Galleria in…
BLACK Friday AND BLUE Saturday
Well there it went, just another crazy day for people to shop and save some cash. Hopefully those of you who did go out got some great deals and didn’t get into any fights. As it turns out, one of the favorite places to start a fight was in the Walmarts across the country. So […]
What are the best deals on Black Friday?
Thanksgiving is almost here and you know what that means: time to give thanks for all of your blessings and prepare to mow down your fellow man with a shopping cart in pursuit of a TV or a new laptop. So, in order to help you relax and enjoy that Turkey-and-pie coma, we’ve done the […]