Gardening Tips With Deuce
With Brandi on vacation, Deuce is left to tend to the garden Brandi has been cultivating behind the WRRV studios... and he has a plan.
How Much Caffeine is Really in Your Coffee?
When it comes time to buckle down and finally finish that project you’ve been working on or finally address that task you’ve been procrastinating upon for months and months, nothing helps quite like a cup of coffee. I mean, sure, maybe you prefer a Red Bull or a Monster, but when it co…
Who Doesn’t Like to Save Money!
I am a bit of a coffee junky but it can get crazy expensive! Especially when going to Starbucks! I’ve seen all these blogs about how to cut the costs but some of the suggestions requires work or causes me to sacrifice my order! Take a look at these simple and in some cases shocking […]
How to Make the Most of Caffeine
If you’re like me, you require a borderline obscene amount of coffee to function on a daily basis. But how do you get the most out of your caffeine intake? That’s the sort of question I’ve asked myself as I’ve stood in line waiting to order my Venti-XL-Massive-Godzilla-Ap…
Kenny G Claims He Invented the Frappuccino
What CAN’T this guy do, am I right? Yes, the lord of the saxophone is apparently also a pretty hefty investor and stock market player. I guess when you trick 75 some odd million people into thinking they like smooth jazz, you’ve gotta do something with that money. But one of the major …
Watch This Coffee Expert Try “Cheap” Coffees [VIDEO]
I’m not sure what credentials this guy has, but he’s got strong opinions on coffee brands we’ve all had. I’m not sure what they tell these “experts” going in, but I hope they don’t tell them they’re going to be trying “cheap” coff…

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