Dunkin Donuts

Hurry Up! National Donut Day is Almost Over!
If you didn’t know it already then spread the word. It’s National Donut Day! We chatted about this earlier on the air but as I left the station this afternoon to go to my second job a co-worker informed me she had no idea they could get a sweet treat for free! So head down […]
Who Doesn’t Like to Save Money!
I am a bit of a coffee junky but it can get crazy expensive! Especially when going to Starbucks! I’ve seen all these blogs about how to cut the costs but some of the suggestions requires work or causes me to sacrifice my order! Take a look at these simple and in some cases shocking […]
Watch This Coffee Expert Try “Cheap” Coffees [VIDEO]
I’m not sure what credentials this guy has, but he’s got strong opinions on coffee brands we’ve all had. I’m not sure what they tell these “experts” going in, but I hope they don’t tell them they’re going to be trying “cheap” coff…
It’s National Coffee Day: How to get your free coffee!
All sorts of coffee shops are celebrating the best holiday by getting you free or discounted coffee. Here’s the complete list! Obviously, it being a Monday, coffee is a necessity. And saving money is an every day necessity. So let’s combine the two! Here’s the info on all the de…
Californians Try Dunkin Donuts For The First Time
On the east coast it seems that there is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner. But, in California it wasn’t until just recently that the first Dunkin opened. Here’s a video of a group of “left coasters” trying it for the first time. But will they like it??? The taste taste inc…