Are You Afraid of the Number Thirteen?
Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Are you superstitious? Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? There's a real phobia for people who fear the things that have anything to do with the number thirteen. Are you one of them?

The fear of the number thirteen is real and it's called "tris…
I’m Sorry Jesus. My Good Friday Fail.
So, I misread the situation. Life is one big learning experience   As I drove home last Friday, I became stuck in traffic only to find something that absolutely shocked me. There was a massive crowd of people behind police tape, cop cars, a man was screaming from a mega phone and then finally, …
Rebecca Black Strikes Again
This time though, not as hard. After she put out that video of her live reaction to watching her old music video for Friday, here comes this new one, Saturday. (If you missed her reaction, Deuce posted about it HERE). There’s not really much to say about this video except that it’s jus…
BLACK Friday AND BLUE Saturday
Well there it went, just another crazy day for people to shop and save some cash. Hopefully those of you who did go out got some great deals and didn’t get into any fights. As it turns out, one of the favorite places to start a fight was in the Walmarts across the country. So […]