George Clooney

George Clooney Prank-Blocked Bill Murray
Apparently, Mr. Murray had an idea to make the Golden Globes more interesting and George Clooney was having none of it. The Golden Globes are generally seen as the least-serious of the awards shows. While the ceremony is used as a fairly accurate predictor of how movies and TV shows will do at the O…
Tequila Tuesday; George Clooney Edition!
Tequila Tuesday this week is about George Clooney? Yes, George Clooney along with Cindy Crawford’s husband Randy Gerber have developed a line of Tequilas (the real 100% blue agave stuff) under the brand name Casamigos. They have the standard, Blanco and Reposado. With a bit of a different twi…
Morello’s Top Weekend Movie 2-7
What a glorious day it is! There is finally a movie out today that I can stand behind. Something to maybe get me out of this loosing streak. I know what your thinking, the top movie this weekend has got to be The Lego Movie, I mean, what genius made that a thing? It has […]