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Pets Alive to Host Ice Cream Social, Who Wants To Eat Ice Cream?
Pets Alive no kill animal shelter in Middletown is holding a great fundraiser where you can cool down, maybe get a little dirty, and help raise money to help out the ‘furry’ kids. This Ice Cream Social will be held on Saturday July 9, 2017 from 11am to 8pm at the Sugar Shack located at…
Where Do You Get Your Ice Cream?
I'm looking for the best local ice cream shops in each county. Dutchess, Sullivan, Ulser, Orange. Where do you go to get your ice cream fix?
How to Make Snow Ice Cream
The novelty of a snow day has worn off and it is probably to early to send your kids to bed. Now, what do you do? I have a perfect idea, let's make snow ice cream.

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