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Beer Brewed With Trix Cereal. Seriously. [AUDIO]
Tommy Keegan from Keegan Ales stopped by the show to talk about some of the crazy new beers they’re experimenting with and some really awesome events going on this weekend. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Don’t forget to grab your Pint Passport here!
Backyard Beer of the Week!
You know how much I love featuring local beers as the Beer of the Week. It doesn’t get more local than this one. Plus, the brewer himself stopped by the show! Keegan Ales has to be seen as the foundation of modern craft brewing in the Hudson Valley. Tommy Keegan and his crew have been ma…
Beer of the week: Keegan Ales Mother’s Milk
My Beer of the Week for January 27th is one of my all-time favorites, and it’s local! Mother’s Milk from Keegan Ales in Kingston. I’ve had the privilege of brewing with Keegan Ales and I can tell you first hand: not only do the guys there know beer, they love beer. And…