Mid Hudson Civic Center

Grammy Award Winner Coming to Poughkeepsie
A Grammy award winning artist will perform at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in March. According to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center’s website, rapper and songwriter Lil’ Kim will perform on stage in Poughkeepsie on Friday March 11th. The “Queen of Hip-Hop,” has sold over 11 mill…
Colt Cabana Joins Deuce and Brandi
Professional wrestler Colt Cabana joins Deuce and Brandi to talk about the various musical instruments that would be better to use in a match than Jeff Jarrett's guitar.
‘Price is Right’ Mistake Wins Contestant A New Car!
Last week Carey’s Cutie Manuela got a little overzealous with a game!! Watch as her mistake makes one contestant a very happy lady! Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube   Before you get too excited Im sure the models with ‘The Price is Right’ road show won’t make that mistak…
WRRV Concert Announcment: Chevelle w/The Used Coming To Poughkeepsie
Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Here comes another concert announcement and it’s a biggie! WRRV welcomes Chevelle with The Used to The Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie on May Wednesday May 13th! It’s a co-headling tour, meaning the 2 bands will be rotating the closing set each nigh…

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