Gas Prices May Hit All-Time Low Just In Time For July 4th Weekend
Good news for those of you traveling this fourth of July weekend. And if you weren’t traveling because it was too expensive, well, good news for you, too! Apparently, gas prices for this time of year are the lowest they’ve been in twelve years. Nationwide, the average gallon of gas cur…
We All Want a Raise, But Do We Deserve it?
Just about all of us think we deserve to make more money? Do we really deserve it or do we just want more and more? Will we ever be happy with what we have? It seems like it is the American dream to always want more and to better yourself. When is it time to […]
Should Companies Have Transparent Salaries?
Have you ever found out any of your co workers salaries? If so did it drive you crazy or were you relieved that maybe you were making more money than them? How would you feel if you knew every one of your fellow employees’ annual salary or hourly wage? Today, a listener called in and tol…
Coming up with a Movie Script Is Harder Than It Looks
Are you broke or could you just use a little extra money? Have no fear, the WRRV Morning Grind is hooking you up. Brandi and I are trying to help you guys out each weekday. I tried to offer up a little advice on how to make some quick cash. Did you know that you can […]
These Could be the Weirdest Ways to Make Money
Sometimes money is tight but sometimes you need to get creative. Here are some unorthodox but legal ways to make some money. Yes, you could listen to WRRV for the keywords twice a day and try to win a Grand with the Grind. That’s probably one of the easiest ways to win money but if youu&#…
Best Time to Buy Tickets From Stewart International Airport?
Thinking about making plans for a vacation getaway? Even if you’re just thinking about it you may want to make some solid plans and get those plane tickets in advance. You could save some cash. There always seems to be a debate on when the best time is to buy plane tickets. Someone alway…
Three Tips to Lending Money to Friends
Is it a good idea to loan money to friends and family? There are apparently rules for this scenario. Do you follow any of these rules? Loaning money to friends or even family should be simple task however, it can be a tricky and even strain relationships. Recently, I had a close friend hit me [ …
These Four States Are More Fun Than NY, Do You Agree?
Just how fun is the Empire State? See where New York ranks among the rest of the country. I’m not sure how one can measure fun but Wallet Hub sure tried and they compiled a list of the most fun sates in the country. I don’t think there’s an exact science but they judged based [&…
These Tips Could Save You Money When Apartment Hunting
Looking for a new place to rent? As a newcomer to the Hudson Valley I’ve recently spent a lot  of time apartment hunting. Let me tell you that every second I have spent is a second I wish I had back. There are a few hacks that can help get you through the torture of […]

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