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Who Would Have Thought This Would Be The Next Trend?
Call me crazy but I didn’t know that this specific part of the body needed any fixing. If you’re one of those people who try to stay with the fashion trends here is a new one for you. How important are nipples in the world of high fashion? That’s right, according to the Daily Ma…
NYC Shatters List of Most Likely To Commit the 7 Deadly Sins
When you think of how much debauchery happens in the United States, where does New York City rank on the list of sinners? I think you’ll be shocked to find out that New York City didn’t just make the list. They shattered it., did a fascinating study where they tracked and lo…
Brunch-Con in NYC
You have Comic Con, VidCon and every other type of event under the sun why leave brunch out? If you're a big fan of brunch you may want to get down to NYC this March for Brunch-Con

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