Exorcist Shortage Hits New York: Exorcisms Available via Phone
Imagine that one day you wake up and your levitating, projectile vomiting and speaking a foreign language while your head is rotating 360 degrees. You don't need to go to WebMD to look up the symptoms. You're most likely possessed by a demon or evil entity.
Local Sonic Plans to Release The Strangest Drink Ever
There's really nothing at Sonic that I don't like but I've got admit that this one definitely raises a few questions on my end. Will be this be the perfect mix of sweet and salty?

Sonic is some high end fast food. I mean come on, they actually bring the food to your car. Sonic is a…
5 Killed In NYC East River Helicopter Crash
A horrific helicopter crash occurred in New York City's East River. At least 2 passengers were killed during the crash and 3 others rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A routine helicopter tour around New York City took a terrifying turn when it violently crashed in the East River…
Can Dim Lighting At Work Make You Stoopider?
Just how much is the lighting at your office affecting your brain?

Everyday I fight my co-workers about how well lit the office should be. You can call me crazy but I'm a fan of being able to see. After all, we're at work and we aren't paying the electric bill. So let's turn a…
I Pick Up Pennies From The Ground, Am I a Peasant?
When you see a penny on the ground do you pick it up or just keep walking? You'd be shocked about how many people just keep on walking. Go ahead and do it. I'll get rich one cent at a time.

Whether you're a money saver or maybe you just want some extra good luck in your life grab tha…

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