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Man Rescued After 66 Days Lost At Sea
An unlikely rescue after 66 days lost at sea off the coast of North Carolina brings a man home in time for Easter. ABC News reports Louis Jordan left on a fishing trip on January 23rd but never returned. His ship capsized as he slept, and most of his gear and supplies were lost. He […]
Brandi’s Future Husband; Burning Down The House
I don’t know my future husband’s name because he is so embarrassed to give it. He is from North Carolina and he is finally learning that he probably shouldn’t be a smoker. That it is not only something that would lead to a few talks as a couple but… this is one of the pit…
This Girl Has A Problem With Pants
We all remember prom. You may have loved it, you may have hated it, but either way, it’s a weird, awkward experience involving picture-posing, wearing uncomfortable clothes, and figuring out what the hell a corsage is. But for a young lady in North Carolina, it ended up being about something …