Which States Drink the Most Beer?
  A recent study has discovered which states are the most beer-loving and just how much they manage to drink. Trade magazine Beer Marketer’s Insights released a study detailing the patterns and trends of beer-drinking throughout the United States. Some of these results might be a little …
How Late Can You Use Daylight Saving Time as an Excuse? [POLL]
We’ve all used the time change as an excuse, but when is enough enough? I don’t know about you, but the effect the time change will have on me is completely unpredictable. Sometimes it comes and goes without me even noticing, other times my sleeping habits are demolished for a week. Bu…
Should this child’s shirt be against school policy?
California middle schooler Tony Burnett Jr. was excited to wear a souvenir sweatshirt to school that he picked up on a family vacation to Northern California.  But when school administrators saw it, they told him to turn it inside out.  You see, the shirt said “I [heart] Weed! Calif…
Who Is Your Favorite Old School Wrestler? [POLL]
The Ultimate Warrior’s untimely passing has got me thinking of all the great wrestlers over the years. Take a look at the poll below and place your vote for your favorite old school wrestler! I’ll be discussing the results during my show on Friday 4/11.
Vote Now: What is the Hudson Valley’s Favorite Peanut Butter?
It’s time we settle the age old question. What is the best type of peanut butter on the market? Where do you stand Hudson Valley? Vote and discuss. Crunchy/Creamy is not a variable in this post. And yes, it is Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube