Art In New Places, Bring It Home In Unique Ways
To find things for your home that are beautiful and functional, it can be tough. To find things for your pet that also fit into your home can be tough. What one group of artists are doing to change that. Everyone knows that I am sucker for things for my dog Scrappy or my cat […]
Someone That Does Not Want To Get Out Of Bed
When I went back into the bedroom this morning looking for Scrappy… This is what I found… Someone who did not want to get out of bed… My little guy wanted to use every bit of cuteness to be able to stay exactly where he was and not have to go outside to use the […]
Scrappy Is Feeling Better!
Saturday morning, I had to take this guy to the vet. I will save you the specifics, but he had blood coming out of somewhere that should not have. A check of his temperature (yikes), and a few tests later… he has a bladder infection, antibiotics and a cone to wear so he will leave […]