The New Snapchat Update Has People Concerned
Lets all be honest with ourselves, Snapchat filters are fun. Throw a dog filter on your face and it takes all your worries away. However, the new Snapchat update is just plain creepy.
Use Snapchat To Get Hired At A Hudson Valley McDonald’s
Most of the people applying to McDonald’s for the summer are teenagers on break from school. Why not try to reach them through their favorite social media app? Hey, it makes sense. I’m only a couple years older than the kids McDonald’s is targeting, and I’ve seen how mass…
PA Teen Kills Classmate & Takes ‘Selfies’ with Body!
You read that right! What the heck is the world coming to! According to Reuters a 16 year-old Pennsylvania boy is behind bars, accused of killing a fellow classmate then taking a 'selfie' with the body! Court documents state Maxwell Marion Morton shot his classmate, 16 year-old&n…
Apps Parents and Suspicious Girlfriends Should Know About
Worried about what your kids are doing on their phone? Or want to know if your bf/gf is cheating on you? Here are a few apps that will keep people from seeing what they are doing on their phone. Find these and you will know that they are up to something.