Is This Single Guy’s Christmas Tree The Laziest Thing Ever?
Could this lazy Christmas tree be a sign that we are doomed? Being festive is for families. When you live the single life you aren't trying to impress anyone so I guess this is how you decorate.

With my lack of home decor one would assume that I'm a Grinch or some kind of Scrooge but ma…
Are People Marrying Themselves in The Hudson Valley?
It's a strange new trend that's gotten a lot of attention lately. How common is it and is it happening nearby?

There are plenty of different kinds of relationships and marriages out there. We all know about bigamy and polygamy but are you familiar with a new marriage trend called sologa…
Can You Really Choke on a Fidget Spinner?
I'm sure your absolutely sick of the Fidget Spinner craze. If you're still spinning your fidget, or if you know someone that is you will need to check out this public service announcement.