Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Themed Bar Opens In New York City
As if there weren't enough reasons to take a trip to New York City for the night or a long weekend, finally something fans of 'Frank The Tank' fans can wrap their head around. A Will Ferrell themed bar has opened on the Lower East Side.
Stalking, Lawsuits, and Ice Cream Trucks
Small town drama as rival ice cream truck drivers begin stalking one another. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube According to the AP: A judge has dismissed stalking and harassment charges filed against an ice cream truck operator who had been accused of trying to run his rival, Mr. Ding-A-Ling, out of the…
Will Ferrell is Going to Play on Ten MLB Teams Today [VIDEO]
He’s already taken on basketball, racing, and figure skating; this should be right up his alley. As part of a Funny Or Die video, Will Ferrell is set to take the field for ten MLB teams during today’s Spring training, playing every position on the field along the way. The video, which …
The Drum-Off We’ve All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)
Jimmy Fallon is making dreams come true, bringing Will Ferrell and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers onto the Tonight Show to settle once and for all: who’s the better drummer? The video speaks for itself: Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube

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