We All Want a Raise, But Do We Deserve it?
Just about all of us think we deserve to make more money? Do we really deserve it or do we just want more and more? Will we ever be happy with what we have? It seems like it is the American dream to always want more and to better yourself. When is it time to […]
Top Father’s Day Gifts Are Concerning
Does dad really want these things? If so, I’m a bit concerned. As men get older we tend to lose the toned arms and the six pack abs. It’s more than likely going to happen ladies so get used to it. When we become dads does the odds of becoming out of shape just grow […]
Do We Really Care About McGregor vs Mayweather?
As an ex fighter I am so torn about this fight. Is anyone really excited about it? Will this fight really be as historical as we are hyping it up to be? Actually, I have a different question. Is anyone even hyping the fight up at all? The idea of a mixed martial artist entering […]
How Does New York Rank for Working Dads?
Dad’s have a lot on their plate. Fathers are the unsung heroes. Where does the state of  New York rank in affordability for hard working fathers? It seems like Father’s Day is often overlooked. Why do we not give great dads more credit? Back in the “Leave it to Beaverȁ…
How to Get a Ton of Views on YouTube in Just One Minute
If you’ve ever wanted to be a YouTube star, this tutorial may just help you achieve that goal. Recently, it has come to light that kids these days do not aspire to have the traditional jobs like a lawyer, doctor, firefighter or teacher. The latest research shows that kids these days want to b…
This Is New York’s Most Prized Invention
They say you learn something new everyday. I had no clue that this was invented in New York but who knows where we’d be without it. A list of the most impact inventions coming from each state was just released and I think New York’s most prized invention may surprise you. The stud…
Interns, Am I Right?
Interns can be a great help but sometimes they just don’t listen and they can become a bit of a nuisance. Especially if they don’t listen. When I started in radio I didn’t intern so it’s kind of hard for me to criticize but sometimes interns are just too much for me to ha…
This Weird House is Built Where?
Right now, you can buy a house built in a very peculiar place. In fact it might land you in the Guinness Book of World Records. Or at least it could get you detained by boarder patrol. According to TIME, there is a house for sale that has it all. It’s got a cozy size that […]
Have You Played the “Floor is Lava Game” Yet?
Have you seen this yet? It’s the latest craze on social media. Maybe you’ve tried it already. If not, you’re missing out on some good old fashioned fun. Sometimes these new internet trends are just ridiculous but sometimes they are just down right fun. The “floor is …

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