Coach Nitka Gets Interns Ready For The Big Game
Every semester we get a fresh group of interns from local schools like Marist, SUNY New Paltz and even some of the community colleges. Though I appreciate there willingness to learn they are pretty green. They need a lot training and hand holding.

What’s The Hudson Valley’s Best Groundhog Recipes?
Punxsutawney Phil gave us some bad news and it looks like we might have a few more weeks of winter. We may have to cool up some groundhog chili to keep warm. It's only fair.Many gathered today at Gobblers Knob in Pennsylvania to see Phil predict the weather. According to reports, nature's …
NJ Woman Tries To Bring Service Peacock on Plane
Apparently, pea cocking on a plane isn't acceptable. Who knew? Just when you thought cats on a plane were a little ridiculous.

I'm an animal lover. As the owner of two cats and I must say that domestic pets like felines but I must say that I'm not too attached to peacocks. Not even…
Man Goes Crazy on Office Printer With Baseball Bat
We've all had our Office Space moment, haven't we? Or at least you've wanted to.

Brandi's on vacation all this week and I had to tackle the show and all the responsibilities that come with all by myself. Well, not exactly by himself. He's got a lot of interns from both Ma…
Can You Guess New York’s Favorite Super Bowl Food?
New York is known for having a variety of delicious food and take out at the ready at anytime. Will you be eating New York's Super Bowl favorite this year?

Superbowl Sunday is upon us. Though we don't have a New York team in the running, you've got to admit that it's pretty co…
Don’t Call Me ‘Boss’ Or ‘Big Guy’ at Work
Does anyone take these names seriously? Although it seems like a common greeting in the workplace, I feel like these names are more insulting than a compliment.

Although I have faced sexual harassment in the workplace I've brushed it off. That's right, guys can get uncomfortable too. I&…
NY Restaurants Need The Taco/Croissant or The Tacro
I'l never forget what a life changing experience my first cronut was. It was when I learned that a croissant has the power to make anything infinitely better. The croissant adds a bit of buttery and flaky flavor to the South Western classic.

Although, New York gets full credit for inventing t…
This Item We All Get Everyday Could Be Poisoning You
It's something we all receive on a daily basis. Sometimes we even get more than one but are they slowly making us ill?

As Americans we live in a consumer based society. We buy products everyday and the receipts of our transactions seem essential. The litte piece of paper that proved you boug…

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