This Classic Toy is Making a Comeback. Will it Last?
Did you have one of these toys? Will they survive a comeback in 2017?

Who doesn't remember how fun and care free the 90's were? It was so care free that pets were electronic. If you don't know what I'm talking about of course I mean, the Tamagotchi.
Are You Afraid of the Number Thirteen?
Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Are you superstitious? Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? There's a real phobia for people who fear the things that have anything to do with the number thirteen. Are you one of them?

The fear of the number thirteen is real and it's called "tris…
Diet Avocados? Yay For Science!
A Spanish company decided to tackle the obesity epidemic. Thankfully, they started at the top with... avocados. I hate to be negative but was this something that we really needed?

Should The Boy Scouts Include Girls? The Hudson Valley Weighs In
The Boy Scouts of America have recently made a decision to let girls in the group. Do you agree with this decision or should there be gender boundaries for young adults?

Should Boys in the Boy Scouts and girls should be in the Girl Scouts. It sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I guess in 2017, i…

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