The Flat Earth Movement is Terrifying and Here’s Why
Call me the crazy one but didn't Aristotle settle this in the 1400's? If you are one of these people who think that the earth is flat you frighten me. It's terrifying and it's dangerous thinking.

For some reason out of all of the issues in modern society, I never would have th…
Why Isn’t this an Unwritten Rule?
It happens to me every time I go shopping and it's the reason I dread going to the store for a few items. This absolutely drives me bonkers!

Not everything is a law but we can all agree that we need unwritten rules in society to keep us in check. These simple social rules keep us from actin…
NY University Claims Partying Can Lead Straight to a Career
Grab the kegs and bring out the togas. Can partying in college lead you straight down the fast track to a career?
College is a time of exploring ideas, expressions, knowledge and of course sometimes seeing just how much beer you can handle on a school night. No, I'm not condoning underage drin…

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