Here’s What WWE Doesn’t Want Its Announcers Saying
The WWE is notorious for the control it exercises over its product. Here’s a glimpse behind the curtain at how meticulous the rules are. Thanks to the subreddit /r/squaredcircle, we now know exactly what Mr. McMahon (and the rest of the company) do and do not want their announcers saying and …
Who Is Your Favorite Old School Wrestler? [POLL]
The Ultimate Warrior’s untimely passing has got me thinking of all the great wrestlers over the years. Take a look at the poll below and place your vote for your favorite old school wrestler! I’ll be discussing the results during my show on Friday 4/11.
2 on 1 Episode #5: David Shoemaker
You might not know David Shoemaker by name, but to wrestling fans across the internet, he is The Masked Man, the best blogger and perhaps the best writer going when it comes to professional wrestling. His writing has been featured on Deadspin (the archive of his super-popular and absolutely fascinat…