yummy goodness

Potato Chip Candy Bar Cookies?
This could be nirvana. Optimum cookie goodness in one small circular form.Here at WRRV the team behind the scenes has declared today “Cinco Desserto” The challenge for me was that I wanted to make something that was not a “normal” cookie. After searching around a bit, I s…
Fanci Brandi Adventure in West Park?
No mystery that I love food and wine, did I mention I love food? How I missed this restaurant? I have no idea, but I will be back. A friend, Jen from Sol Stars Wine, was co-hosting a wine dinner at Global Palate, 9W in West Park. I had never been to the restaurant and […]
Favorite Thanksgiving Sides Part 1
With Thanksgiving just a few days away, are you looking forward to those side dishes that you only get once a year? I think we all are. Your Grandmother or your Aunt or your Mom now only make that (fill in the blank here) dish only once a year and if you don’t claim divs […]
I Found It! Have You Been Looking Too?
Since I first heard about it, I have been looking for it. I love Butterscotch! So when I found about this, I immediately went on the search for it. Only to get my hopes up as I would look, longingly in the ice cream case to NOT find it. But then there it was… As […]