I love Noel Gallagher.

I'm not sure what I like most: his complete arrogance, his visceral honesty, his drunken, brawling Mancunian ways, his insane relationship with his equally insane brother Liam, the songs he wrote in Oasis, or if it's the fact that he shrugs his shoulders and gives the finger to anyone who calls him a plagiarist or criticizes his behavior, his music, and all-around persona.

I love all of it.

But right now we're going to focus on the aforementioned honesty aspect. I have a soft spot for making fun of the tragic and hilarious decisions made in the creation of old music videos. In fact, I do a weekly segment on this very website about just that.

Turns out, Noel Gallagher enjoys doing the same thing! Enjoy him reflecting over the music videos his band Oasis made during their time together. Hint: he hates all of them. Oh, and there's some solidly-NSFW language, too, so plug your headphones in.