I unabashedly love the 90s. The dopey high-profile baseball caps, the horrendous pastel colors, the goofy-ass slang. There are, in all honesty, few things that I hold more near-and-dear than 90s music and 90s NBA basketball. And the most 90s player of them all? The Reign Man, Shawn Kemp.

Shawn Kemp dunking over Most 90s Athlete Ever Runner-Up Dennis Rodman. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

From the high top Reeboks to the high-top fade--WITH THAT AWESOME CUT IN IT--to the fact that he played in the most popular city of the decade in Seattle, there is no one more 90s and awesome than Shawn Kemp.

So, how could he possibly be more 90s? Why, add the most iconic song of the decade--"Smells Like Teen Spirit"--to a montage of him viciously victimizing his opponents, of course!

Thank you internet. Thank you Shawn Kemp. And thank you, if there is a supreme being, for Shawn Kemp's majestic and merciless dunks and penchant for taunting his opponents immediately thereafter.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find my Bulls varsity Starter jacket--the one that's hanging in the background of the studio in that clip. And no, I am most definitely not joking.