I'm all for sticking it to the man. I'm all for weird art experiments.

But this is annoying.

A group of "artists" inevitably attempting to make a "statement" opened a Starbucks store. It's got all the products one would expect, the menu looks the same, it's even got the Starbucks logo on the store.

Except it's not a Starbucks at all. Its a "Dumb" Starbucks. Yep, they made a Starbucks without the permission of Starbucks and they're saying they're allowed to do it and make money because it falls under the idea of parody. So, essentially, the store serves as an art gallery, and each cup of coffee sold is a piece of art.

They're profiting off of someone else's brand and trademarks through a winking loophole. Okay. So they're not artists at all, they're basically just tools. As though we don't have enough real Starbucks:


In all honesty, I don't particularly care what people do with others' brands, I just felt like I should take the opportunity to defend Starbucks in the small hopes that they'd send me free stuff. It's not the first time; in fact, my unofficial and unsanctioned pimping of Starbucks has several confirmed purchases. Listen here: