How much energy did valley residents consume during this past "Ice Age" weekend? It was a record breaking weekend for electric and natural gas usage.

I know you are getting tired of hearing about how cold it was these past few days, but it was freakin cold.  So cold that most of us spent the weekend indoors with the heat turned up. The numbers for Central Hudson and Orange and Rockland Utilities are staggering.

According to Mid Hudson News, this past weekend O&R set a new electric use record of sending out 36,916 MWh , breaking the record from January 7th and 8th of 2006.  Central Hudson customers were breaking natural gas records too.

Then on Saturday, January 6, 2018, customers set a second record in as many days, using 141,183 cubic feet to heart their homes and businesses in response to the extreme winter weather conditions.

We are getting some relief from the Siberian Express and temperatures will warm up into the 50's this week. Maybe that will take the edge off the spike in our upcoming gas and electric bills? Not likely.



It was pretty frigid back in February 2014, when this peaceful video was shot by Bill Smith in Cold Spring.