Trapt are returning to Poughkeepsie this fall. They've been out on the road all summer and have been putting the finishing touches on a career-spanning acoustic album that is due in stores on September 23rd. We'll catch them at The Chance with Saving Abel on September 4th.

Check out the track list of the new acoustic album courtesy of our friends over at Loudwire:

1. ‘Headstrong’
2. ‘Echo’
3. ‘Only One In Color’
4. ‘Contagious’
5. ‘These Walls’
6. ‘Ready When You Are’
7. ‘Black Rose’
8. ‘Waiting’
9. ‘Lost Realist’
10. ‘Made Of Glass’
11. ‘Too Close’
12. ‘Who’s Going Home With You Tonight’
13. ‘Love Hate Relationship’

Sure we all remember them for their song "Headstrong" but you can expect a solid night of tunes when they place The Chance.