This week's Beer Of The Week comes to you after tons of requests. I always like to hear what people like and what they'd like to see featured, and there was an overwhelming amount of love for Abita Brewing Company's Turbodog.

The Saints may be out of the playoffs, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate New Orleans a little bit: based in the Big Easy, Abita Brewing Company has been brewing some phenomenal beers over the past 25 years. Turbodog is one that got such a huge following, it transcended the specialty brew classification and became part of the regular rotation of Abita beers due to popular demand.

It's a dark brown ale, brewed with caramel and chocolate malts.  Some nice Willamette hops balance things out and make sure it doesn't get too cloyingly sweet, but make no mistake: Turbodog is all about those nice toffee and chocolate flavors. Grab that growler and get yourself over to Half Time to snag Turbodog for half price this week!