The wait is over and ride sharing is coming to the Mid Hudson Valley this week. Download your Uber app and get ready to try the service starting Thursday.

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Uber and Lyft will be clear to operate in the Hudson Valley starting this week. The ride sharing services were available in New York City, but bringing it up here took some doing. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that the deal is not totally done yet.

The new state law requires the state Department of Motor Vehicles to approve ride-hailing companies for something called a "transportation network company license" before they launch.

The DMV approval is expected to happen before Thursday, so there isn't much else to worry about. I will say that there are a number of Cab companies operating in the City of Poughkeepsie.  I see them at all hours of the day and night, so I'm not sure how much Uber or Lyft is needed in Poughkeepsie. However, it's a preferred ride for many people who go to NYC, so the local cab companies may take a hit.

Any towns near the Metro North train line should see the ride sharing services picking people up. The good thing about working for one of these companies is that you dictate your hours and how far you want to drive. Could be a good part time or full time job for some people.

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