The BjornQorn Popcorn Company has a cult-like following, and its unique way of popping their corn uses the sunshine in Ulster County to make it taste that much better.I didn't know about solar popped popcorn, and it's not done very often when you're talking about mass production. According to the BjornQorn website, the company got started after Bjorn and Jamie met while attending Bard College. Long story short, they decided to make popcorn that doesn't add butter or cheese and uses the sun to pop the corn.

BjornQorn's special flavor comes from nutritional yeast, which is a high protein and high B-vitamin seasoning that is popular in vegan cuisine, but is especially great on popcorn.

The huge solar reflectors are at Kelder's Farm in Kerhonkson.  These collect the sun's rays and that heats the kettles that they pop the corn in.

photo via Facebook

I don't know if solar popped corn tastes that much different than the way most of us do it, but I can't wait to try BjornQorn. It is sold all over the Hudson Valley and in New York City.

BTW - Kelder's Farm is home to one of the Largest Garden Gnome's in the world. It used to be the largest, but now it's ranked as the 3rd largest.  I have been to the farm, and I can tell you, it is a gigantic garden gnome!

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"Popcorning" is a prank that a lot of veteran NBA players pull on the rookies. They fill their car up with popcorn.