I've noticed a recurring theme in all of these nostalgic songs from the end of the 20th Century--and probably one of songs throughout the majority of history--is that they're about these vaguely victimized young women who suffer from the stupidity of the person singing the song who then has to make amends.

This one is a bit different. This song is about a guy with self-esteem problems who deifies a woman and places her upon a pedestal, setting the standard for her so high that she couldn't possibly achieve it.

A more appropriate role for the girl in this video. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

If this video is an accurate representation of the song, this man--Tal Bachman, who is the son/nephew of members of The Guess Who ("American Woman") and Bachman-Turner Overdrive ("You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," "Takin' Care of Business")--is in love with a woman who suffers from profound mental illness.

This young lady, who bears a striking resemblance to Chelsea Clinton, hasn't noticed Tal Bachman's frosted tips not because she's "so high above him," but because she's busy chasing her delusions and pretending to be a superhero.

As much as you'll hate to hear this, Tal, you're better off without her.

See? She just let a child fly to her demise via balloon. If you were with her, you'd be an accomplice. That's like 10 years in federal prison, my man.

Well, that's it for this trip down memory lane. Thanks for reading and, as always, stay off my lawn.