The record industry is nothing if not a pack of copycats, so I guess the mentality at some point in the 90s was "We need another Beck. Find him." And one of the results, clearly, was Citizen King.

I mean, seriously, these lyrics:

In my shoes my toes are busted
My kitchen says my bread is molded
I got a good job at the dollar store

One foot in the hole
One foot gettin' deeper
With a broken nail and a blown out speaker
I ain't got much else to lose

Those somehow manage to be more Beck than anything Beck has done since One Foot in the Grave. Even the album cover looks like a Diet Shasta version of Beck:

Not a Beck album. (Photo by Warner Brothers)
"I wasn't even supposed to be in this blog post today!" (Photo by Miramax)


You can even see the recipe from one glance:

  1. Slacker rock chic (including the guitarist with a dumb hat)
  2. The supremely-late-90s-DJ-as-a-full-time-member-of-the-band trend
  3. Aliens
  4. Plop them all down right into the middle of Clerks., and there you go.




"Is this enough facial piercing?" (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)


There aren't enough facial piercings or bowling shirts for this to be the definitive late-90s music video, but it might be the closest we've yet come to finding it.


Man, it feels like this song was JUST being pumped into my ears 6x/hour for an entire summer. Is it really 15 years old? Now I feel old. As always, kids, stay off my lawn.