Do you remember when 'Pretty Hate Machine' first came out? Do you still have the original NIN dog tags or hat? Feeling like you are missing a part of your youth? Good news Nine Inch Nails fans, you can recapture it, all for a few dollars.

Nine Inch Nails is listening to their fans and reissuing some vintage style merchandise. The whole line up is available at for perusing and purchasing at

Some of the merchandise includes vintage t-shirts, hoodies, wall flags and grab bags, which date back to the Pretty Hate Machine album.  ** Just to note, that any orders over 75-dollars (before tax and shipping) placed on Cyber Monday, 11/30/15, will also be upgraded to free domestic shipping.

Was 'Pretty Hate Machine' one of the best NIN albums? Only you can decide that, but here is a look (listen) back to it: