There's a beer garden problem brewing in Warwick and it's making locals question the future of the quaint Orange County village.

Warm weather is coming and most of us love to sit outside and enjoy a beer. There is a proposal to build a beer garden at 16 Elm Street in Warwick. For years the property was owned by Country Chevrolet and they just used it to park new cars. New cars are quiet, especially when they are not running. Beer Gardens are not quiet and the neighborhood is not happy about the prospects of dealing with noise, traffic and drunk people.

According to the Times Herald Record the mayor of Warwick, Michael Newhard is trying to find a balance between commerce and the quiet charm of Warwick. There will be a planning board meeting tonight, but it may come down to ownership.

Newhard said he’s committed to conducting the planning process with “sensitivity” and “giving everyone a voice.” But he said the owners have the right to do what they want with the property, within zoning parameters.

The Beer Garden would be over 3,500 square feet and would have to be built on some sort of elevation because part of the property is in a flood zone. Tonight's meeting will certainly be packed with Warwick residents who oppose the project. We will keep you posted on what happens.