Well, I'm excited. Just as many other people out there I've been looking forward to the return of AMC's The Walking Dead from it's mid-season break. As i was hoping, the show looks like its going back to it's roots where the people are against zombies and it's all about survival on the road. I think I speak for others too when I say I was kind of over the people versus people conflicts.

I don't want to give anything away if you have not seen it yet, but Carl. What the hell Carl, why do you have to be mean to your dad? Sure his character has grown a lot since the start and he can take care of himself. But he's acting like he wants to do it all alone. You need someone to watch your back, and it shows in last night's episode. At least before Carl started freaking out he got to get a huge tub of chocolate pudding, I'm straight up jealous.

I look forward to the next bunch of Sundays to come. How about you?