I'm fairly certain I've talked on air about what a tremendous nerd I consider myself to be. (If I haven't, I will tonight.) I'm not the biggest nerd in the world, but I love Sci/Fi space operas and MTG. I used to be REALLY good at MTG, but now I'm old and can't keep up.

Regardless, I'm an enormous fan of Doctor Who. I have been since the pseudo reboot when Eccleston took over the role, and Rose Tyler kept seeing Bad Wolf everywhere. Yes, I was invested in the series, but when The Weeping Angels showed up everything changed. I'm not going to go into TOO much depth, but the Weeping Angels are quantum locked, and can only move when they aren't being looked at. Otherwise, the turn to stone and look like stone guardians on a church. The Weeping Angels are fantastic evil things, and are some of the most compelling creatures I've ever seen in science fiction.

I stumbled on this fan CG video about a dude who's trying to get through a maze of alleyways in a town. At night. In the rain. With a dinky little flash light. And then the Angels show up.

DAMMIT! I know what's going to happen! And I STILL JUMPED at the creepy parts! My hair was standing straight up by the ending.

So, maybe you don't like Doctor Who, or think it's kinda silly. It most definitely is, but there's some really good stuff in all the silly. Maybe this will help convince you to give it a shot.