Coffee is a luxury for some, an indulgence and something to be savored. For others, it's flat-out necessary to function. I'm a mix of both. I mean, I undoubtedly (and despite my many attempts to quit or at least slow down my relationship with coffee) require it just to get my day started.

I know it's very basic-Pinterest/Instagram-meme of me to say this, but you really don't want to be around me until I've had at least a little coffee. It's not nearly as cute as those aforementioned Instagram posts make it seem, the whole "Don't even LOOK at me til I've had my coffee LOL!" stuff. It's more like coming across a hungry, angry Kodiak bear. That makes vicious sarcastic comments. Actually, that would be an awesome zoo exhibit.

Anyway, I've only had a little coffee so I have no idea what I was just talking about, but the point is that, even though I use it as a tool to get through my day and will knock back whatever horrible coffee I need to in order to stave off the stabbing pangs of a caffeine headache, I do like when it's well-made, high quality coffee. I even just got one of those Chemex badboys for my birthday.


So with that in mind, what is your favorite location in the Hudson Valley for good coffee? I'm talking everything: local shops that make it the best, places that have the best atmosphere, and most of all, what local places have beans to bring home for me to enjoy on a daily basis whenever I'd like.

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