There's nothing more American than a hot dog. Here in The Hudson Valley we're surrounded by tons of great places to grab a quick wiener. From street carts to family restaurants to greasy spoons, here is a list according to Yelp of the best places to grab a frank.

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    Kosiner Brothers Organic Hotdogs - Main Street in New Paltz

    Random Yelp review: "A very needed food cart concept for New Paltz. While the organic dogs are deliciously heady w/ homemade toppings, they still offer the traditional Sabrett if you're feeling a classic dog."

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    Tony’s Newburgh Lunch - Broadway in Newburgh

    Random Yelp review: "Every time I get back to NY I head for the Broadway Lunch, because they make the exact same awesome dog now, as I had when I was a kid."

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    H.D. Dick’s - Front Street in New Paltz

    Random Yelp review: "Probably close to 20 hot dog configurations and toppings can be ordered as well a a dozen different burgers.  Excellent sweet potato fries."

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    Bun ‘N Cone - Margaretville

    Random Yelp review: "This diner was around before I was born, and it is still going strong!  Its even open until 9 or 10 in the summer for ice-cream, when every other business is closed... 5 stars for the flair, personality and overall awesomeness the Bun N' Cone brings to Margaretville- the town just wouldn't be the same without it."

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    Dallas Hot Weiners - Kingston

    Random Yelp review: "Damn that wiener hit all the right spots (thats what she said... har har....) Seriously, this place delivers exactly as it should - consistent and tasty. Well worth a trip for a quick inexpensive bite."

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    Noshi’s Coney Island - New Paltz

    Random Yelp review: "If i was in prison on death row and they asked me what I wanted for my last meal i would request the entire Noshi's menu because I would probably slip into a diabetic coma afterwards and it's my favorite guilty pleasure EVER!"

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    Pete’s Hot Dog Stand - Newburgh

    Random Yelp review: "Been going to Pete's hot dogs for years and I absolutely love their dogs!! No fuss  place, just a great place to get a good snapper! The very best hotdogs in orange county are served here!"

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    Holydog - W Main Street in Middletown

    Random Yelp review: "I look for excuses to make the one hour drive so I can have my occasional hot dog at Holy Dog.  Chef owner has a passion for cooking and hot dogs / sausages and it clearly shows.   Worth the trip or detour.  Already creating another reason to go to Middletown."

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    Soul Dog - Main Street in Poughkeepsie

    Random Yelp review: "Soul Dog is amazing. And the toppings selection is just what the doctor ordered for a preggo lady. Avocados, cole slaw and baked beans on a vegetarian dog? Don't mind if I do!"

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    Noshi’s Coney Island - Main Street in Poughkeepsie

    Random Yelp review: "Man, this place is just awesome. All of their hot dogs are epic and the staff is the friendliest I've ever seen! It's a family owned restaurant, with only a couple of seats, and they really make you feel at home. If you want to get a quick snack, or have lunch, eat here! You won't regret it whatsoever."