From what I can tell, it's simple. This person doesn't get along with this other person and because of it we suffer. Ok. I will be honest, I have no idea as to why we are really paying more than we have in the past. All I know is that I am using less and less electricity and seeing my bill go up.

Yes, our winter was much colder than before and thus we needed to use more electric, gas and oil to heat our homes. But it did not help that this demand for more energy drove up the cost to actually get the electric to us. Let us also not forget that in Dutchess County Mar 1- June 1 there was an additional 3.75% tax on electric, oil and gas to help pay for new equipment. This has been halted but the first day that they could get it to take effect is June 1, until then we get the honor of paying the additional 3.75%. Keep in mind this is money that is not going into my son's college account, upkeep of my home or car, or to the grocery store. My financial motto, nothing is purchased until the mortgage, electric and oil are paid.

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