Technology has finally gotten us here: computers will soon be our chauffeurs. With computers running, well, everything now, it only makes sense that automatic transportation is the next step.

But if you're eagerly anticipating being able to check Twitter, play Angry Birds, or nap on your commute without that irritating burden of negotiating traffic you might want to hold off on getting too excited. Turns out you're only among 12% of Americans. That's right: almost 9 in every 10 Americans is uncomfortable with the idea of placing their transportation in the hands of an autonomous car.

As someone who advocates doing as little as possible at all times, this is confusing and disheartening to me. If I can take one more mundane task off of my responsibilities each day, I'm a happy camper. I'm on pins and needles here waiting for Rosie from the Jetsons to come clean my dishes and do the laundry. STOP RESISTING YOUR LAZINESS, WORLD!

And, after all, do you really trust a computer less than the people around you in traffic? The woman doing her makeup in the rearview mirror? The guy drinking coffee while doing the New York Times crossword? The kid with the subwoofers banging basslines so loud you think you're in the middle of an earthquake who is leaning 8 feet away from the steering wheel and tweeting gross things at New York Jets cheerleaders? You're okay with these drivers and their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely?

Gimme computers any day.