Q - Do I have to pay to get in?
A - Not at all! The event is free!

Q - Can I buy things there?
A - Absolutely! There will be many vendors selling everything from Cars to Tools!

Q - Will there be food?
A - YES! We will have many food vendors selling anything from Chicken Wings, Pizza, and so much more! Not to mention everything that the Civic Center already has such as Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Nacho's, and so much more!

Q - Will there Beer?
A - Oh you betcha! There will be various bars located around the Civic Center the day of the event!

Q - Do you have to be a certain age to come to the Man Show?
A - While we suggest that you be 18 and older to come to the Man Show by yourself, as long as anyone under 18 are accompanied by a parent, there shouldn't be a problem. Just know that there will be people drinking around, but we try to not to have anything inappropriate at the event. Do keep in mind that anyone under 21 will not be allowed to handle any of the BUD BUCKS. Parents and guardians are more than welcome to hold the money.

Q - Is there enough Parking?
A - PLENTY! There are two parking garages close by. One that is directly attached to the Civic Center and one that is across the street. Please note that one parking garage is owned by the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel and the other garage is owned by the City of Poughkeepsie and these owners may charge for parking. There is also on street parking in Poughkeepsie, but please know that the City of Poughkeepsie have recently installed new parking meters.

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